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Aldbrough Parish Emergency Plan

The Aldbrough Parish Emergency Plan may be used in the event of a major incident or natural event such as the village being cut off by a prolonged period of snow fall. Whilst the emergency services will always be the primary responder to an emergency, there may occasions when the local community can respond more readily or be able to offer additional support in the event of an incident.

In the plan we maintain a directory of the resources which may be available from within our community and we are constantly seeking to enhance this element of the document.

Do you have a skill or profession that could help in an emergency - nurse, midwife, first aider, fireman, electrician, plumber, tree surgeon etc.? Have you any plant or equipment that you could provide assistance with - 4X4, Forklifts/Tele-handler, pumps, generators, lighting sets, JCB etc.? Could you provide gas powered catering equipment, gas BBQ's, heaters etc.? Would you be prepared to check on and assist vulnerable members of our community or even be able to offer emergency accommodation? Could you help with the care of animals? Are you a radio ham that could provide a communication link if the telephone networks fail?

We would like to hear from you if you think you can offer any assistance. No matter how small or irrelevant you consider your contribution to be, it could make the difference!

The plan is a confidential document and your details will not be disclosed to the general public. They will only be used by the management committee in the event of an emergency and you are under no commitment to provide any service or resource.

Please offer your help and support to this initiative and your community by contacting the Parish Clerk with your details.