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Room Measurements, features, facilities and hire rates.

The Main Sports Hall  is 23m x 27m and is fitted with a sprung floor.
The S
mall Hall  is 12.5m x 7m
The Kitchen  is 10.5m x 5.5m and is a fully furbished kitchen off the small hall with a serving hatch into the main hall.
The Balcony  is 12m x 2.5m, this overlooks the main hall and has a small kitchen off it.
Main Room Upstairs  is a large L-shaped carpeted area, 17.5m x 12.5m
Committee Room  is 7.5m x 5.5m
Facilities  These include heating throughout the whole hall, a kitchen, separate toilets for male, female and disabled people. There are also indoor and outdoor changing rooms with showers, and a recreation field for various sports. There is a good range of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and a vast range of sports equipment.
Parking  There are two car parks that will hold approximately 37 cars in total and are fitted with floodlights and security cameras.

Large Hall: £12 - £15 per hour.
Small Hall: £8 - £12 per hour.

Discounted rates for regular local bookings.

Bookings: Mrs Janet Stott  01964 527348
General Inquiries: Mr M Robinson  01964 527877